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My series prefer

My series prefer is vampire series Diarie Vampire Diaries or Diary of a vampire is parqu’elle capitivante it is a time of rest there is the action of suspense … she was released in France since August 29, 2010. Here is a photo:  (  sorry I did not come to put photo ) I love […]

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Sorry but i do not introduce myself :)

Sorry but i do not intruduce myself ! Here I am Lola I was 13 years is a picture of my: I live in the north of France and I am french. I was born on 30th april, 2001 and i was born in Dunkerque. I’m am in year 9B. I have 2 little sisters […]

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My tastes

Here , I will talk about my food tastes, my favorite clothers, my favorite singer… For my taste i like lots of things. I do not like white chocolate than milk chocolate not you ? I also love all fruit except orange I think a plastic taste and i love a végétables except zucchini endive […]

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My activities

I’m back ! Here I will talk about my activities I want do because I do not yet. I would like to GRS because this cause body, I would always competion whit my friends. I hope that I not evil. I also like surfing because you are free but you can get and I don’t […]

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  Hello, my name is Lola and i have 13 years. My blog are whill talk about my activitises, my tastes, my favorites music, my familly…  

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